February 24, 2018
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All around good guy. Half of the PK and DK show. Some would argue the better half. Some being me.


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    Nnooooooo! I haven’t been able tune in on Wednesdays but I always play catch up.. hope you have a have a fun and safe trip.

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    PK-it’s break, not brake. 😬 You guys have a great trip, get some relaxation in there somewhere!! Have fun and be safe. Try to hang on to all of your teeth Denise and don’t get too wild. Come back with some awesome stories. Can’t wait to hear them. I’ll listen to some old shows for now. Have a Merry Christmas!!! Love you guys.

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    Oh….this made me cry! You did good PK and DK! Take care of you. Can’t wait to listen to the shenanigans in Europe!! Make sure DK has a mouth guard…no broken teeth this trip! <3 <3 <3

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